New Patients

We are excited to help you take the first step in the direction of your improved mental health and well-being. Please consider scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Frische to discuss the clinic services, practice style, and how we may fit your needs.  

New patients will fill out a pre-screening when selecting an appointment.  You will receive an email notice when your appointment is confirmed.  Prior to scheduling an appointment, please review Frische Psychiatry Policies in detail. 

Established Patients 

ChARM is the online web-based, HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record system used by Frische Psychiatry. We encourage all of our patients to register an account with ChARM’s patient portal. Using the patient portal improves communication with Dr. Frische and staff in a reliable and secure way. From the portal, patients can message staff, request appointments, manage medical records and share them with our staff securely.

The patient portal also enables new patients to submit pre-visit paperwork helping Frische Psychiatry remain paperless when possible.


All new patients are required to schedule and complete 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss clinic policies and determine appropriateness in moving forward with comprehensive new patient evaluation. 

You will receive an automatic email notification if your appointment request was successfully submitted.  Please email or call at 919-205-3804 if you have any issues scheduling your visit.